What is a Cyber Security Architect?

By Chris WhelanFourFourTwoOne of the most common questions asked by the cyber security industry is how one gets started.

The answer is not that complicated, according to the Cyber Security Alliance, which provides a guide to getting started in cyber security.

We’re not just talking about a cyber security degree, said Matthew M. Sartain, a senior vice president at the alliance.

In fact, many cybersecurity graduates are already working in their field.

But the answer isn’t so simple, according the Cybersecurity Alliance, a group of cybersecurity industry organizations.

There are a number of different types of cybersecurity professionals, said Sartains co-founder John Wojcik.

Some are experienced cybersecurity experts, some are junior IT workers, and some are experienced professionals.

Some are looking for a career in finance or finance management, while others are looking to start a family or run a business.

The Cyber Security Academy of New York City offers a curriculum for anyone who wants to be a cybersecurity professional.

Sartains group, called Cybersecurity Academy of NYC, provides an accelerated cyber security program for cybersecurity students, students, and employers.

The program includes a comprehensive three-month program with online classes and live online learning.

Students are required to complete a cyber-security certification and gain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity.

They then take online courses, including one in cyber safety, one in cybersecurity and two in cybersecurity skills.

The courses are open to students of all ages, but they’re especially important for students with disabilities and those who don’t speak English well.

It’s important for cybersecurity graduates, Sartais said, to have the skills to understand what’s happening in the cyber-space.

The academy also offers a virtual training course for cyber security workers.

That’s also offered by the alliance and is designed for employers.

In the past, many of the cyber experts had a college degree, but now, more and more employers are looking at the work they’re doing as a cyber specialist.

For instance, Sarte says, many large organizations like large banks and government agencies want to know how to protect their networks from hackers and malware.

If a cybersecurity job doesn’t provide that, Sartsain said, that’s where a cyber expert can help.

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