Architects have broken a world record for the best architecture

Architect and urban planner Michael Lister has won the prestigious Gold Medal in the Best Architecture category of the prestigious American Architecture Press (AAAP) Awards.

In a ceremony on Monday, he received the award from AAAP founder and CEO Christopher Reeve.

Lister is the architect of the landmark US$6.3bn $1.2bn-plus skyscraper on the edge of Chicago’s Merchandise Mart.

It is located on the site of a former Army base, which was converted into a museum for the Chicago Public Library.

The museum is the world’s largest collection of US military artifacts and collections.

Listers building has been named one of the most architecturally challenging and culturally significant buildings in the world, as he and his team created an iconic structure that is both beautiful and monumental in its own right.

The winning design features a unique, two-dimensional perspective, which allows the architect to project a series of buildings and a skyline.

It is reminiscent of a large skyscraper, but with the added benefit of a 360-degree view.

The project is based on the architectural principles of modular, dynamic architecture, a method of creating large scale, multi-level buildings that allows the building to be transformed and adapted from its initial design.

The AIA award will be presented at the 2016 International Architecture Biennial in the US on May 16.

It’s not the first time Lister’s building has won a Gold Medal.

He won a Silver medal in 2001 for his design of the World Trade Center’s tower.

The architect has previously won three AAAP awards, in 2001, 2003 and 2009.

The Chicago Tribune’s Michael Cappello contributed to this story.

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