Louvre architect on building new ‘pumpkin-inspired’ pyramid

The world’s largest museum is getting a new “pumpkins-inspired” design to reflect its new location.

The Louvre Pyramid will rise on the roof of the new Paris museum and the dome will be shaped like a pumpkin.

The original dome, which was built in 1664, will also remain intact.

The French architecture and design house will open the museum in May.

The museum will be open to the public through December 2017, and visitors will be able to take photos of the construction of the structure.

The new structure will have more than 10,000 square meters of living space and the entire museum will include an indoor theater, an outdoor terrace and a garden.

It will include a replica of the original pyramids built by the British architect Sir Henry Balfour and will feature a replica pyramid, pyramids of Egypt and other monuments.

“The Louvre pyramid was designed by the French architect Pierre-Auguste Renoir,” said the museum’s vice president, Jean-Paul Gaudin, in a statement.

“It was originally designed by an architect from 1820, the same year the Pyramid of Alexandria was built.”

The new pyramid will include the French-inspired, glass pyramid of the Pyramids of Giza, which is now housed in the museum.

The pyramids were built by Egyptian Pyramids Company, a group of Egyptian craftsmen who built the pyramids in the 1660s.

Gaudins said the new structure is the largest structure in the world.

“In terms of the scale, we’re very proud of it,” he said.

“We’ve designed it for the whole world, including the U.S. and the U,K.

It’s a big pyramid.

And we’re trying to give a new perspective on the pyramid.”

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