‘Architect and engineer’ may be a new thing

Architect and engineer may be the new thing.

That’s what the University of Queensland is hoping to demonstrate with a new exhibition entitled Architects and Engineers.

The exhibition, titled Architects and Engineering, is an invitation-only affair which opens this week at the Australian National Exhibition.

It opens at the Queensland University of Technology, Melbourne.

The focus of the exhibition is the history of architects and engineers.

“Architects and engineers are some of the best engineers in the world and it’s just about how we understand the world we live in today,” curator Kate Martin said.

“The idea is that the history is the story of how we made the world.

It’s a way of looking at how we can change the world.”

Martin says there is a great deal of interest in the subject in the current climate, and she hopes the exhibition will draw in more visitors to the school of architecture.

“There are a lot of people in the architecture community who would like to see this exhibition.

They’ve just realised there is so much interest in architecture, they just haven’t been able to get the education,” she said.

The art of architecture is a fascinating field, with many experts coming out to talk about their work, including the Australian architect Alan Griffith.

The Queensland university has teamed up with the Art Gallery of NSW to create a three-dimensional installation of Griffiths work.

The Art Gallery has already been showcasing some of Griffith’s work, with the latest showing at the Royal Botanic Gardens.


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