A company founded by former Apple Inc. engineers has agreed to bid to build a world’s first aeroplane.

Azure Architects, a firm that is part of the aerospace and defense sector, will be building the 737 MAX, an ultra-light, lightweight aircraft that can fly faster than the Boeing 737 MAX.

It will use an “advanced aerodynamic and structural design” to fly a maximum of 9,400 feet per minute (FTPS) or over 5,200 mph, according to the firm’s website.

The MAX is expected to be delivered in 2022, with a crew of five.

The 737 MAX has a wingspan of 9.4 feet and a height of 3,500 feet.

The company will be using the same design and materials as Boeing’s 737 MAXs, including titanium composite construction, aluminum construction, composite material and aluminum structural members.

Azures plane is expected come in three variants: the 787 MAX, the MAX x, the 777 MAX.

The 787 is the first in the MAX family and will be the largest in the world.

The MAX x will be built on a 777 MAX base, and the MAX-X will be based on a 737 MAX base.

The company will use a new design of the wing and fuselage to meet its specifications.

Azures will use composite material that is more advanced than the material used in Boeing’s planes, according a statement.

The aircraft will also have a lighter-than-air fuel consumption of just over 50 percent.

The first MAX flight, slated for 2024, is set for the skies over the Canary Islands in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

The first 737 MAX flight is scheduled for 2020.

Airlines have struggled to build the planes necessary for long-haul passenger service, particularly in low-cost routes.

But Boeing’s 777 MAX is a key piece of Boeing’s vision of bringing low-priced flights to the United States and Europe.

Boeing plans to build at least two more MAX flights in 2020 and 2021.

The firm is also working on the 737-800 and 777 MAXs.

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