How to create a simple, beautiful, and functional home design using 3D printing and the LEGO® Building Set

By Laura SmithPublished Mar 07, 2018 10:30:18As an architect, I spend a lot of time thinking about design and design patterns.

I also like to work on projects that focus on how to design and build with minimal resources and to build something that’s easy to use.

When I was young, my favorite way to build was with a LEGO model.

Since then, I’ve used 3D printers and building sets to create 3D designs.

Here are some of my favorite 3D printed designs and how they’re being used by architects.


A simple and beautiful, modular home design.

As a young architect, my dream was to create homes with minimal materials and build a home that I could be proud of.

I was very fortunate to work with a fantastic designer and the design was so well thought out.

After working with him for a few months, I started to realize that I was really getting ahead of myself.

I was missing a few details that I wanted to have, but I needed a lot more time and effort to complete the house.

The first project that I did for him was a home design called “The House That Would Not Be Built”.

This was an architectural-inspired home that had a modular layout.

You could customize the layout of the living area, the kitchen, and the bathrooms.

The kitchen was designed so that it would fit inside the existing house but would also allow for an extension that could be expanded with new furnishings.

With this modular structure, you could add a living area to the garage, add an additional bedroom, or even move out a second story.

Another project I created was a modular home that was designed to be built with a simple piece of furniture.

Here’s what the structure looked like before I took a few more weeks to complete it.

A few weeks after taking the next step, I took the next big step and started to design the entire home.

From the beginning, I wanted the modular design to feel cohesive and cohesive yet minimal.

I wanted it to feel like it was built from the ground up.

We used a modular design approach to build a living space that could fit into the existing home but also could be transformed into a new home.

3D Printing allows me to design this home in less than a day.

This modular home was designed using a modular approach to building a modular house.

I created the kitchen and bathroom by using LEGO brick and other 3D printer parts.

The home’s roof was built using a LEGO modular structure.

For the kitchen’s exterior, I used a LEGO brick, and I added a brick and a metal frame to complete this design.

This is a 3D model of the kitchen.

To complete the living space, I made a few changes to the existing layout of a kitchen.

Instead of building a roof, I built a small wooden staircase that leads to a loft that has a kitchen window that opens into a large open area.

All of the furniture was designed and built using 3DS Max, the same tool that I use to design modular homes.

The LEGO Brick model of my kitchen.

The house was finished by using the LEGO Brick structure to build the kitchen window.

Before we started building, I had the house’s interior design in mind.

I needed to create something that was minimalistic yet functional, something that I would be proud to share with my friends and family.

The living space was built with this structure.

I used an exterior brick to make the exterior walls and the kitchen windows.

I then used a brick from the interior, and a piece of wood to create the floor.

Then I took these two components and combined them together to create an interior.

My friend and I were really excited to finally complete our home and get it completed.

It was my first time using 3ds Max to design a home, so I wasn’t really comfortable with the process.

However, once I got the house ready, I felt very confident that I had a good project.

Once I finished the design, I went to my friend and told him that we were going to build it.

We went in the morning, and my friend sat on the couch and waited for me to bring my home together.

During my initial meeting with my friend, I explained to him the plan that I’d have him build.

I asked him what I could do to make it more interesting for him.

He then explained how he would design the interior and he showed me the inside of the house and explained how the roof would connect to the roof.

I told him I wanted my home to be as minimalistic as possible, so he suggested I make a small addition to the kitchen that would make the space more welcoming and inviting.

Our first meeting was amazing.

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