Architectural masterpiece reveals ‘new reality’ of Sydney skyline

A stunning new structure has been revealed in Sydney’s CBD.

The H2M Architecture Project is one of a number of projects designed to transform the CBD into a new, urban form of the city.

It includes a new high-rise residential tower, a shopping precinct and a park.

The project, which is part of the NSW Government’s $5 billion Urban Transport Strategy, is a bold design project that will see the city transformed.

The new tower is designed to look like a skyscraper with balconies and a glass roof, and will include a “living room” that sits in the centre of the building.

The design of the shopping precinct is similar to the one that’s currently in place in the CBD, but the retail area is being designed to be much more open.

It will have a new street-level restaurant, retail space, cafes and restaurants, a library and art gallery.

“The whole design is based on the idea that the public space can be transformed by providing a greater sense of openness and public access,” said architect David Koeber.

“In the new project, we’re actually introducing new forms of public access, including street-facing sidewalks, laneway access, walking paths, open-air seating and an open space garden.”

The park is also part of an ongoing project to transform Sydney’s waterfront, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

“This is really about turning Sydney into a destination city, it’s about transforming the city into a modern urban place,” said Koeger.

“So we’ve got this kind of urban design which really captures the city’s essence, it captures the sense of place, it touches upon the nature and the urban landscape.”

Mr Koeberg said the H2m project would be the first of its kind in the world, and one that would make Sydney the first major city in Australia to be transformed.

“It’s really exciting to be part of it and really excited to be involved in this kind a major public project that is part and parcel of the urban renewal strategy,” he said.

“And also a kind of community hub, because we’re the first city in the country that will be fully connected to the public.”

The project was first unveiled at the 2016 NSW Planning Ministerial Council.

It was the focus of a major media campaign in 2016, with the ABC’s The Fast Lane, and local television station 3AW, the main voices in the media.

“We’re very pleased to be a part of this project and we’re delighted that we have this project, and I think it really captures what’s happening in Sydney right now,” Mr Koeberger said.

H2M Architects’ project has been approved for $3.1 billion.

More to come.


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