Which architecture firms are hiring the best and brightest in 2019?

A few weeks ago, I wrote that we were starting to see some serious headway in the hiring of new talent to the world of architectural practice.

The hiring of young and experienced architects was clearly taking a backseat to the hiring boom that had just occurred in the field, with some firms seeing an average of nearly 30 percent growth in their hiring activity over the past two years. 

Today, the number of new architects hired has slowed to an average 15 percent per year since 2020, which isn’t all that surprising when you consider that only a small percentage of all architectural firms actually employ full-time, full-year staff. 

And while the number is not exactly on the rise (it’s now around 30 percent, but the percentage has remained relatively constant since 2020), the overall trend seems to be picking up, with the average number of applicants for new hires in the industry at almost double that number in the past year. 

The question that remains is how much of this new talent is going to be coming from the top end of the talent pool and how much is coming from smaller firms that might have been able to capitalize on this hiring boom. 

As of March 20, more than 200,000 applicants were currently in the pipeline for new openings in the profession, according to the Association of American Architectural Professionals, up from roughly 110,000 in March of this year.

The trend in hiring has been driven in part by a new wave of companies that have sprung up in recent years.

Companies like The Washington Group, which is focused on urban projects, are bringing on board the best in the business to bring new ideas and practices to urban planning and design.

And, of course, there’s the ever-increasing number of firms that are looking to add some new flavor to their architectural portfolio. 

There are also new opportunities for those who are not only willing to take a risk on new work, but are willing to put in the work to learn the craft. 

It’s a dynamic that has attracted a slew of young, up-and-coming architects to the profession and has been a boon for those in the process of transitioning from the graduate program to the practice. 

A list of the top 10 employers looking for experienced, motivated, and talented architects to work in the residential and mixed-use sector in 2019 can be found here.

In short, the landscape of architectural talent has shifted considerably over the last two years, with a number of these firms seeing exponential growth in the amount of applicants they’ve been able find. 

This is all good news for the industry, as it means that it’s a much more appealing career path for many prospective architects. 

While we’re not seeing any major trend in the number or size of new hires, it is clear that some firms are doing their best to keep up with the demand for their services.

For those of you who are interested in pursuing your dream of working in the architecture industry, here’s how you can get started. 

Top 10 employers hiring in the Residential and Mixed-Use Sector in 2019 1. 

Watson Group, Inc. 2. 

Arches & Design Architects, Inc., 3. 

Architectural Associates, Inc.-Barry &amp.

Co., 4. 

American Architectural Associates-Barry, Inc, 5. 

Beverly Hill Associates, LLC-Beverley Hill, Inc-BHBA 6. 

Blue Coat Associates, PLC 7. 

Brooke and Associates Architects and Design, Inc 8. 

Burlingame Associates, 9. 

Capitol One Consulting Group, 10. 

Cascade Architecture Group, LLC Source By The Numbers Source: Archived from The Washington Post

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