New York architect Rick Joy: ‘We should have a better conversation about the future of architecture’

New York City’s Rick Joy has launched a new political movement called Architects for a New Urbanism (ANU).

The movement is inspired by a conversation about urbanism’s role in New York’s past and the potential for its future, Joy said in a video released Tuesday.

Joy has called for a shift in our priorities away from the development of a sprawling, post-apocalyptic metropolis and towards a city that is “more livable and connected to nature.”

ANU aims to create a more green, sustainable and “community-centric” city by shifting its focus away from big-box retail to small-scale, sustainable buildings, according to a release.

“We are tired of seeing our cities crumble, and we are tired for the environment and the people to get left behind,” Joy said.

“We are also tired of the status quo, where we are constantly fighting to preserve the status of buildings and not allow the building to crumble.

We are tired that we don’t have a plan to turn these buildings into green spaces, but we do have a lot of ideas for how to make our cities livable.”

ANUs main goals include the restoration of public spaces, and the building of community spaces that include parks, greenspaces and green roofs.

ANU has also launched a petition drive asking the New York State legislature to establish a “green development authority” to help revitalize historic buildings.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Joy called on people to support the group and “build a movement to stop building these buildings.”

“The way we do it right now, we’re not going to build a place where you can live in the park, and you can eat at a restaurant,” Joy explained.

“You’re going to be in a small space that’s going to need to be protected by the police.

We’re going be building a building, and if people can build a community, and not have their lives put in jeopardy, that’s a lot more sustainable.”

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