How to find a great architect in the US

Prison Architect is a new podcast that features architects and designers discussing how to find work in America.

Hosts Ashley Grier and Emily Schreiber interview architects and fashion designers and ask them to talk about how to make a career in the country.

They discuss the different styles of architect, the different professions in the field, and how to get started.

Grier, who is originally from Chicago, previously worked in fashion design for the designers Calvin Klein, and worked on a runway show for Calvin Klein in New York.

Schreib, who lives in Atlanta, says she is “very lucky to have been able to work in the design field.”

“I had to do some of the design for this one project,” she says.

“And I think I’m able to draw upon that experience to make my own work.”

The show is available to download here.

The podcast also features interviews with top designers like Sarah Lees, Ashley Grieve, Amanda Stoll, and more.

In the first episode, the two talk about the “secret” of being a successful designer.

In this episode, they talk about designing for a jail, and the difference between jail work and office work.

In one segment, they discuss why they choose the design of their clients.

“There’s so much that you don’t really see,” says Grier.

“The clients are people who have come into your office and seen what you’ve done before.

And they’re really, really curious about what you can do to get better.”

The second episode is titled “Designing for a Prison.”

The guests talk about different designs they’ve done for jails, including some from New York, including one called “the one with a hole in it.”

In the third episode, Schreifers interviews a prisoner named John.

The interview is also available to listen to online.

The prisoners interview is the first of its kind, and Schreifer and Grier say it is “really special” because it takes them into the prison and talks about what it’s like to be inside.

“I think a lot of people don’t understand what it takes to be a prisoner in a jail,” Schreiler says.

The three also discuss the importance of design in jail culture, and whether it is still necessary to have a work-related identity in a prison.

“It’s like, what am I?” says Grieve.

“How do you feel about your job?

How do you treat people?

How can you get them to respect you?”

“You know what?” says Schreilbers voice.

“Design is a really powerful thing,” she adds.

“If you can build a prison that makes you feel like a person again, it’s really powerful.”

The three then talk about what they’re doing for the prison, and what they want to accomplish.

“You have to have hope,” says Schresib.

“That is what we really need to get out of this prison.”

Grier agrees.

“This is our life now.

This is our hope,” she said.

“We are all here to do something for others, and if we’re not doing something for ourselves, we’re in this prison together.”

The third episode also features a guest appearance by a former prison inmate named John, who was released from a maximum-security prison in Texas after serving a decade in prison.

The episode is available online.

In it, John talks about how prison design influenced his life.

“Prison design has helped me so much in my life, and it has also given me a lot,” he said.

The former prisoner also talks about designing prison art, and why he thinks it is important to take an interest in prison culture.

“One of the things that I always want to do, when I think about designing something, is to not take anything for granted.

I think that’s really important, and I think it’s very important to me.”

In this interview, the former prisoner talks about being a part of the Prison Architect team.

“My name is John Doe,” he says.

He also discusses how designing for the jail is a “very, very hard job.”

“It is a very, very difficult job, but I have a lot more confidence in myself and the people that I’m working with,” he added.

The Prison Architect podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.

The full show is also on YouTube, Stitcher, and podcasts.

The prison design podcast will continue to grow, and Grieres hope it will lead to a more diverse range of designers in prison and beyond.

“From a personal perspective, I think a good prison design is one that can help people that are in prison to make their way back into society,” Grier says.

“[It’s] something that has the potential to make them feel like they’re back in the community, back in society.”

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