What’s Next for the Los Angeles Architecture Industry

New York-based architect Peter Cook is developing a building in Los Angeles that he says will transform the city’s skyline.

He’s planning to call it “The City That Never Was.”

Cook, who is also the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, told the Los Angles Times he is currently developing the project on the site of the old Santa Monica Beach Hotel and Casino and the historic Santa Monica Museum of Art.

Cook told the newspaper he is “creating a new architecture and design in the heart of Los Angeles.”

The project is being spearheaded by Peter Cook Architecture and Partners.

Cook says he plans to open the project to the public at the end of February.

Cook, who recently completed work on a $100 million office complex in Manhattan’s Financial District, said he has also been working on a number of large projects.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Cook’s office building is expected to be completed in 2019.

The project will be a collaboration between Cook’s architecture and engineering firm, Peter Cook Architects, and the city of Los Angales.

Cook said the design will “defy convention and the conventions of the present day.”

Cook told LAist that the project will “be unlike anything else in the world.”

“The City that Never Was is about a new, futuristic city that is being designed with an eye towards its future,” Cook said.

“It is about new technologies, new buildings, new technologies.

It is about the transformation of the city.”

Cook has been working with the Los Angelinos Times on a project called “The Art of Living,” which includes a building designed to showcase art that would be exhibited in new and innovative ways.

Cook told the Times that the new project will take advantage of the art of living, the city that never was, by using a “new paradigm.”

Cook said that “the new paradigm will be art,” which he said will not just be “new” in concept but also in substance.

Cook also recently created a new museum in Washington, D.C. called the Museum of the Art of Los Angelas.

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