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The cornerstone architect, a house designer based in Australia, is creating homes for people who live in the city but don’t want to live in an urban environment.

They want the feel of a rural home while maintaining the aesthetic of an urban home, he said.

The house he’s designed is called “The Big Box” and is available for $1.8 million.

The interior design of the Big Box is quite different from most other houses.

Instead of traditional wooden cabinets, he’s made them out of steel.

He’s made the walls of the house to be slightly wider than the living area, which means that the living room can fit more people.

The walls are covered with a steel mesh, which helps protect against cold weather.

This also gives the house a rustic feel.

This rustic look can also be enhanced by the wood trim and the glass and metal trim in the roof.

The Big Book was designed by The Cornerstone Architects.

It’s a house design that blends a number of elements to create an architecture that is both functional and timeless.

“The house is designed to be both a place and a lifestyle, and it’s designed to blend elements of the modern, modern-day and traditional,” said Mr. Cornerstone.

“We think of ourselves as a house that is functional and classic in the same room.”

The design includes elements of rustic elegance and modernism.

The wooden panels and wood planks that form the floor and walls are contrasted with a white siding, with light gray accenting.

The home is made out of two large volumes of concrete, which gives it a rustically inspired appearance.

The interior is also made out out of the same material.

The exterior of the home has been designed with a variety of colors, including brown, grey and black.

The exterior of this house features a variety, including white, white, brown and black, as well as the color white.

The Cornerstone Architecture is located in Perth, Australia.

This is not the first time they’ve done a house in the area.

In February 2017, the designers released a similar design in South Australia.

The home is expected to be available for sale in the next few months.

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