Philip Johnson’s New York City Office: New York State Architecture Award – Architecture, 2013

Nyc: Phil Johnson’s new office will be a ‘cultural hub’ for New York, a city that is not a city at all, a place of innovation, culture, art and imagination.

The architect, who was named the winner of the 2013 Architectural Landscape Architecture of the Year at the Architectural Digest’s 2014 Design Awards, was honoured by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday.

“Phil’s office embodies the essence of innovation and creativity,” Bloomberg said, adding that Johnson’s office will also be a “cultural hub” for the city.

The award recognises a project that is “as creative and as creative-thinking as it is beautiful, that can inspire the imagination of New Yorkers and inspire people across the globe”.

Johnson, who won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize in architecture for his New York skyscraper in Manhattan, will work on the project as part of a team led by his brother, Philip.

The project will be designed by the architect and a team of local architects, with the collaboration from his wife, Christine, and his brother.

The architectural team, led by Daniel Z. Brown, was selected to represent the city in the award.

Johnson has a long career in architecture and design and received the US Architectural Society’s Architectural Heritage Award in 2005.

He was awarded the 2012 Architectural World Architecture Award and the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for architecture for the New York tower.

“I am honored to be awarded this award for my work as an architect, and the work I’ve done in New York is a celebration of the city’s creative spirit and the people who make it such a place,” Johnson said in a statement.

“As an architect and as a citizen, I am always working to ensure that the city and its people are a positive force for good, not only for the future of New York but for the world.”

The award is given annually by the Architecture Society of America, and is named for Philip Johnson, the father of Philip Johnson Architects.

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