Manjaro is building a better place for architect students to learn online

Manjaros architect school is a place for students to find mentors to learn about their profession.

It is also a place to meet like-minded individuals to share ideas, and to get involved in building solutions that will help their community.

The school opened in 2013 as an online community of architects and builders.

The school is now open for business and offers more than 200 classes annually.

Now, Manjarojostan is building on the legacy of the school by providing online training in areas such as design and technology.

This is a way to continue that tradition and to grow the program.

“Architecting is really a skill set that needs to be developed in the context of a professional life, and Manjarojiostan has become the home for that.

That’s why we’re going to be opening it up to other students,” said Nirmala Gupta, co-founder of the program and Manojostani.

“We’re going there for them to really learn the skills they need to be able to be a great architect.”

Gupta said that the program has grown to be the third-largest architect education program in the country, with about 400 students taking classes in the program each year.

The program has also become popular for students who are passionate about building and design, but not necessarily interested in architecture.

“We’re seeing a growing interest in the profession.

The demand is out there,” Gupta said.

“Architects are becoming more skilled and we’re seeing this trend continue.”

The online program will start offering classes in August.

It will also provide classes in engineering, technology, and design.

There is also an online engineering course available to anyone who has a degree in design.

Gupta says the online program is just one step in Manjaroo’s plan to bring together the profession and the city.

“I think the whole idea is that the city of Manjaroa is the first port of call for people from all walks of life to come and learn about architecture,” she said.

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