Why Arizona’s noma golf course is making its mark

With a golf course at its centre, the Hmc Architects and Associates project is one of the most visually stunning in the state.

“It’s not just about the golf course,” Mr Hmc said.

“The design reflects the energy of the surrounding communities.

In terms of sustainability, we have been involved with the city of Phoenix since 2008, and the golf courses are an extension of that.”

The project has taken almost a year to build, and has already attracted international attention for its stunning architecture.

The city of Arizona is the most green state in the country, with an average of 33.4 per cent of its land covered with trees, a record high, and a recent report found that more than half of the state’s parks and greens were rated “poor” by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Noma golf courses have been a hot topic for Arizona’s developers for years, with a recent article by The Arizona Republic describing the project as “a major win for the developers”.

The design has been criticised for its lack of environmental protection, including for the golfers’ presence on the golf club’s grounds, and for the fact that the golf balls are often stacked in one corner of the course.

However, Mr HMC said it was a good decision on the part of the developers.

While he was not able to comment on the specific plans for the new course, he said the golf is one the community could enjoy.

There’s a lot of activity, a lot to do, and there’s a sense of community, he added.

Hmc Architects was founded in 2001, and now has a design portfolio of projects including the World Trade Centre and the World Bank headquarters.

Mr Hmc is one architect working in a variety of different industries and industries in Arizona.

He has designed the National Museum of Arizona, and is currently working on a design for the Arizona Museum of Contemporary Art.

He said the project would not only benefit the city, but also the region.

“This is going to bring people to the area,” he said.

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