Architects Robert Young and Paul Williams unveil new multi-story home at Brooklyn waterfront site

Robert Young, the architect who designed the Brooklyn Navy Yard and its former Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) campus, and Paul William Williams, the Brooklyn-based designer of the nearby Brooklyn Museum of Art, have unveiled a new multi, three-story residential complex on the waterfront of Brooklyn.

The new home, which was completed in December, was designed by Williams Architects, the architects behind the Brooklyn Museum’s forthcoming multi-level exhibition, “The Architect.”

It is a five-bedroom, six-bath home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and features an open-concept design concept.

“The new house is a culmination of many years of collaboration with our neighbors and the community,” Young said.

“We have a lot of respect for our waterfront and want to continue the tradition of being a vibrant, creative, welcoming community.”

The new Brooklyn Navy Yards, which opened in the 1970s, is currently home to a museum and a park.

The Naval Research Lab is located just off the waterfront.

Young said the architects have designed the house to be affordable and to be as close to the shoreline as possible.

“It is very much a waterfront house.

It is very close to shoreline, very close on the water, very near the water,” he said.”

We wanted to make it as comfortable as possible, to have a space where the water is a part of it, but also have the option of having a private beach and a community beach.”

Williams said the house was inspired by the former Brooklyn Navy yard, which he designed in 1971.

It has been home to the Navy for the last 60 years.

“This is a new and unique opportunity to build on a long legacy of the Navy, as we have in the Navy Yard,” he added.

Williams and Young said the new home has been designed to be a blend of the “traditional waterfront” and the “modern waterfront” of Brooklyn, which they said are in transition.

“When we were looking at the design for this house, we wanted to keep the same feeling that we had in our previous houses in Brooklyn, but make it look more modern,” Young explained.

“When we took a look at our previous house, it had a lot more character and a lot less of a Navy-ness, but it was still the same kind of house.

We were trying to make the house more contemporary and more connected to the waterfront, and we wanted it to be something that you would be able to see at any time.”

The two-story building, which is located in a park near the Naval Yards, was also designed to include a “community beach.”

“We thought that a lot was missing in the waterfront and that’s what the community beach was all about,” Young continued.

“It was about creating a beach that was kind of a place that you could come to and feel safe, feel free and that you felt part of.

It was a very different way of looking at a lot that was missing.””

The community beach, it was a really exciting concept to bring into this house and also a new way of doing it.

It was a very different way of looking at a lot that was missing.”

As you’re walking out of the building, it’s a really cool feeling and you feel like you’re just a part a part, so we wanted the beach to feel like a part in the whole house.

The community beach is just a beautiful element that adds a whole new dimension to the house.

I really want to give people a sense of a community and the space in which they can be.

“The designers said the “new house” was also intended to be accessible to people who were in need of housing.”

The home was also a response to a citywide housing crisis. “

There’s a lot you can do here.”

The home was also a response to a citywide housing crisis.

According to a recent report by the Office of Planning and Development, there were more than 12,000 empty homes in Brooklyn.

The new home was designed to serve those people.

The two houses are set to open in 2019.

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