When we think about bozo architecture, we tend to think of a classic, but now there are a handful of projects that really stand out.

A pair of high-rises that combine the form and function of an ancient Roman temple with the feel of a modern condo are being proposed in Bozeman.

The architect who designed them says that they are meant to be an extension of the temple.

Bozeman Architects’ project in Boze was the brainchild of architect Mike Zukin, and it’s been dubbed the “soul of Bozemans temple”.

It’s an attempt to incorporate a small part of the city’s existing urban infrastructure into the design.

It’s designed to evoke the spirit of the site’s history and to bring an element of ancient design to a new context.

The two towers are the first project of its kind in Bozes history.

It is also the only structure of its size to be completed in the area.

Bozmans temple is the third largest structure in the US, according to The Guardian.

Zukin said the idea for the project came to him when he was visiting Bozemen as a teenager and looking at the city through the eyes of his parents.

He said it was an opportunity to create a space for people to gather and connect, while taking advantage of the opportunity of the location.

Bozes temple was built in AD 638.

Zukins family was not very religious, and he said they were able to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ at the temple as a way to remember him.

Bozes is known for its Roman architecture, and the temple was the most important building in the city.

It was the location of the famous Bozumian festival, and for more than a millennium, visitors would be allowed to gaze at the Temple of the Most Holy Light, the site of Jesus’ birth, on top of the mountain overlooking Boze.

The city of Boze is famous for its cultural heritage, including its Roman and Greek heritage, which has made it a magnet for visitors from all over the world.

Boze also has an archaeological heritage.

Zakyn’s temple is one of the few remaining temples in the entire country, which means that it is part of an ecosystem of ancient architecture.

It was designed by Zukilas wife, Anna Zukim.

Bozing is known as the “golden city”, and there are thousands of buildings in Bozing that have been preserved and restored.

Anna Zukic said that her husband had a lot of pride in the work he was able to achieve, and that it was his goal to bring the temple to life and make it a focal point for the cityscape.

He hopes to make it one of his most prized possessions.

The project is still being developed, and Zuki said that the final decision on the project’s location is still in the hands of the architect.

The project will open to the public in 2019.

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