New building to transform the city’s streets

MWA architects have completed a major new building at the corner of South Street and Wawa in a city centre development, transforming the city centre from a maze of busy streets to a more pedestrian-friendly destination.

The architect’s design for the new South Street development features a glass walled courtyard with a landscaped courtyard to the south of the entrance, and a new open space to the north.

The building, at the centre of the new development, is designed to be a pedestrian destination.

It is designed as a public plaza with an integrated public plaza garden and a public garden, along with public terrace, café, restaurant, and retail spaces.

It will be open to the public during the week, and open for business during the weekends.

It is designed for a design element that includes: open space with landscaped walkways, landscaped outdoor seating and a green roof with seating and gardens.

The space also includes a cafe and café terrace with seating for about 100 people.

The new South Streets development was designed by architects MWA Architects and was completed by the team at the firm.

The team said the new building would provide a new sense of community and social engagement.

It’s a unique and exciting design, which will make this area a more appealing place to live and work.

The South Streets project is one of the citys biggest urban design projects, and is part of the MWA team’s ongoing commitment to revitalising the city.

South Street is located just off the main intersection of South and Wawra Streets, and it was designed to connect to other areas such as the South West and North Streets.MWA Architects are based in Sydney’s inner west, and have worked on numerous projects across the city, including the new Wawa project in Waverley.

This new South street development will also create a new green space, which includes a plaza with a green facade and seating areas for about 50 people.

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