Faulkners Design Studio: A New York City Studio for Architects and Landscapers

The Faulkers Design Studio in Brooklyn, New York is the newest project from the architecture and landscape studio, which has been creating a wide range of works over the past decade.

The project features four of the Faulker brothers’ most iconic designs, including a tower that sits atop the New York skyline and a series of domes that tower over the street below.

 The three-story building is being designed by Faulks Design Studio co-founder James Faulkins, and it features a rooftop garden designed by the studio’s principal, architect Daniel Faulkin, as well as a series with a focus on “the intersection of public space and landscape,” including a pavilion and gallery designed by Frank Gehry, a member of the family that is also behind the iconic “City of the Future” theme park.

The architects say the project has “envisioned a vibrant urban landscape that will serve as a catalyst for our community’s engagement with the design of new architecture.”

“The Faulkos Design Studio is not only about creating and sharing new ideas but also about creating a space that celebrates the rich tradition of architectural practice and its legacy,” the architects write.

“The work we are currently working on will be an important part of a much larger conversation about how we as designers can transform our city and our landscape in ways that transcend the borders of traditional architecture.”

The studio’s new office building is located at 645 Broadway, in the Upper West Side neighborhood, and will be available for lease starting next month.

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