How to design the perfect office building

Architect Mark Whitten has developed a unique office building with two floors of windows and a glass roof to keep office workers out of the hot sun.

Whitten designed the building with a series of modular components including a skylight, steel frame and concrete flooring.

Whitted the design has been criticised by some architects who feel the building is too large and lacks natural light.

Whidden said the design was designed to reduce the impact of sun exposure and heat stress on the building.

“We built the building to be completely self-contained in a high-tech environment with no windows, a glass skylights, and no light,” he said.

“When it rains it pours, when it’s hot it gets very hot, but the building has to withstand that and withstand the wind loads.”

Whidden has designed buildings for the Australian Securities Exchange and has worked on corporate buildings.

He is also the co-author of Architectural Landscapes: A Guide to Architectural Buildings.

Whitton is the author of the book The Architectural Architectural Guide to Australia and the New Zealand Building Industry.

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