‘Landscape architect’: The future of Australia’s architecture

Architect Hutker Architects has opened the doors of its new building on a hilltop in north-west Queensland.

It’s a project that is a bit of a mixed bag, with the main building being a modernist take on an early 20th century home built by the Australian Civil Defence Force (ACDF).

But its architect, Hutker, says it has found a new way to use the hilltop as a place to work on the architecture.

“We have used this hill as a kind of base from which we can start to build up the rest of the building,” Hutker chief executive Chris Hutker said.

“So, this is a building that we can build on top of.”

The building will be the first to be built in Australia by a Hutker-owned firm.

Its predecessor, the former Roxy, was a large office building with a view of the Queensland desert.

Mr Hutker has been building a few other buildings on the hill, including a house and office park in Sydney’s CBD.

The two new buildings will combine a residential and office environment, but are also designed to offer views of the city, as well as a community centre.

Hutker is based in Brisbane and has an extensive portfolio of projects around the country.

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