What you need to know about Austin architect, architect of the future, and the new world of the architectural

AUSTIN, TX (AP) The architect of this new world.

The master of this world.

And the visionary of this century.

Architect Austin A. Tobin is making the bold claims about his designs in his new book, “Architects: The Design That Changed Everything.”

Tobin is known for his bold, ambitious and often controversial architectural projects.

In the book, he is calling for architects to “get off the ground,” meaning start designing their own projects and begin the long journey to creating a new, more sustainable future for architects and the world.

His book is being published by Wiley on Friday.

Tobin’s book is the brainchild of his wife, Rebecca Tobin.

The couple has a daughter, who is in the seventh grade, and they plan to have it published in 2018.

In the future he envisions, a large part of the world will be built on the back of an architect’s skills, said Tobin, who spent five years studying at the University of California, Berkeley.

He is a master of the new design-build process, and he has a passion for building, he said.

Tobin said he wants architects to be able to make their own architectural designs.

The most difficult part of designing a building is choosing the materials and the materials have to be sustainable, and it is impossible to create something with sustainable materials in our society, he told ABC News.

I want the architecture of tomorrow to be more than just a piece of paper,” Tobin said.

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