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Myers Briggs Architect Says The White House Is ‘A Terrible Place’ To Build The Oval Office

“The White House is a terrible place to build an office,” Myers Brings in his book The Architect’s Guide to Building an Office.“I think that the best way to build the Oval Office is to get outside of the Oval.”Briggs, who is an assistant professor of architecture at Ohio State University, explains that when you […]

‘Architect and engineer’ may be a new thing

Architect and engineer may be the new thing.That’s what the University of Queensland is hoping to demonstrate with a new exhibition entitled Architects and Engineers.The exhibition, titled Architects and Engineering, is an invitation-only affair which opens this week at the Australian National Exhibition.It opens at the Queensland University of Technology, Melbourne.The focus of the exhibition […]

Architect Education: ‘Architects are not just for the wealthy, they’re also good at solving complex problems’

In the past few years, many architects have found themselves working on complex, challenging, and challenging architectural projects.In the meantime, they’ve learned a lot about the craft.Architect education can help you make the right choice about what type of education you want to pursue.For example, one thing I learned while studying architecture at university is […]

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