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Why the architects band is coming back: A look at how the new wave of architecture has transformed the landscape of New York

As the city has grown, so has the interest in architecture and architecture-themed music.And with new shows like The Architecture of the Gods and a new wave in New York’s arts community, the city’s architecture community has been looking for ways to explore the creative possibilities.In 2014, the New York Architecture Foundation launched The Architects […]

Aussie software company gets $300 million in funding

Aussie technology company Bandai, has secured $300million in funding from a group of investors led by venture capital firm Sequoia Capital.Bandai is building a data-driven augmented reality platform for the home and connected vehicles.Bandainos chief executive officer, Tony Sohn, said Bandai had successfully applied for funding from Sequoias investment arm, Sequoian Capital.“We have developed a […]

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