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AIA architect tour of AIA’s new campus in Perth

The AIA building is a new office block in Perth’s inner-west.The AAS Architects have been busy designing it for AIA.The project began in 2014 and was completed in 2017.The office building is designed to be self-sufficient and environmentally friendly, which is very important for the local environment.The architect, David Stoddart, said it was “designed to […]

What do you think of the architect who has turned architecture into a fashion statement?

Architects Frank Gehry has a knack for bringing an unrivaled vision of modern architecture to life.The Miami-based architect is known for his work on buildings such as the World Trade Center and Chrysler Building, and is also well-known for the designs of the new Chrysler Building at the University of Michigan.But in 2018, the designer […]

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