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When H2M Architect J. Allen Bracken was just an undergraduate at Virginia Tech, his life changed forever. He says it changed his career.

When Brackens freshman year in 2010, the university hired him to design a new computer lab.Brackenson was intrigued by the idea, and when he sat down with his design supervisor, J. A. W. Taylor, to figure out what kind of equipment he would need to build, he realized that the lab was a perfect fit […]

Google Cloud Architecting Guggenheuss: It’s the ‘Right Time’ to Start a ‘Guggenhaus’

Architect Gugge Haus says Google Cloud is the right time for him to build a “Guggehaus” (German for ‘gigantic’) office in San Francisco, and to start designing a new headquarters that “is more than a place to do work.”The building he envisions would be able to house 10,000 people, with a view of the city […]

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