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Business card designer: Scohetta Architects – ‘we want to be like the big boys’

Scohettas Architects has set its sights on the next big thing with its newest design, the Kitchenaid.The project is a collaboration between Scohettalas Architects and S.A.O.P Architects, who were inspired by Scohettae Architects’ latest concept, the Waverly House.The Kitchenaid is the first architectural project from Scohettasia Architects, which is based in the US and Europe.It […]

How AWS helped me start my startup

The world is full of solutions architect, local architects, and entrepreneurs alike.With an overwhelming number of resources available to them, they’re often able to quickly and easily implement a solution to their business or team’s problems.However, in most cases, the process of finding the right architecture to take advantage of the many solutions available on […]

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