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How to get the best from the latest and greatest in virtual reality (and beyond)

From the beginning of the 21st century, virtual reality has been a very hot topic.It has brought about massive advancements in the visual computing field, with the first consumer-grade VR headset, Oculus Rift, launching in 2013.However, the technology itself hasn’t been without its problems, as virtual reality is inherently unstable and unreliable.This article aims to […]

How cloud architects can create a world of information architecture in just 10 minutes

tucson architecture firm tucsen architects have developed a cloud architecture solution that allows architects to create a new architecture for a company and manage its assets from the cloud.The cloud architecture concept is often referred to as “data architecture,” but the firm has been able to make it work in just ten minutes for just […]

How to be a virtual architect

Architect and designer Dan O’Reilly talks about the importance of design in virtual environments, including creating an environment that’s not only fun to work in but also works well.In this exclusive interview, he shares his insights into how to work as a virtual architecture architect.Learn more about virtual architecture with our infographic on the topic: […]

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